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Choose from our selection of high-end, late model, exotic sports cars, sedans and SUVs from some of the world’s top luxury car manufacturers.

Symphony of Engines

Our collection is a testament to outstanding automotive excellence. The roar of a Lamborghini or the nostalgia of a Ford Mustang. We have a car that sings the perfect tune for every enthusiast. And if you want to make a statement at a wedding or special occasion or even renting a police movie props, our unique range of classic and luxury vehicles awaits.



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MySugarExotics The Ultimate Supercar Rental Agency DC Maryland Virginia

Exotic Car Rental in Washington

Exotic rental cars are available in Washington, D.C. and MySugarExotics has one of the largest selections of exotic cars in Washington, Maryland and Virginia. Rent an exotic car in Washington, D.C. Book now to schedule a date and time to rent your exotic car that is convenient for you.

When someone is looking for an exotic car rental in Washington? They usually really want to find MySugarExotics. We set the standard for exotic rentals in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas. Our exotic car rental in Washington is composed of a team of professionals who understand the value of the driver and make customer satisfaction our primary concern.

Revving Up Your Washington Experience

We know the difference is in the details and that’s why our exotic and luxury car rental services, in the tourism
and business industry, stand out for their quality and good taste, to offer you an unique experience

Lamborghini STO rental
Cadillac Escalade Rental DC Maryland Virginia
Corvette Rental DC Maryland Virginia
White Porsche Macan S with red interior exotic car rental in DC maryland Virginia
White Porsche Macan S with red interior rental in DC maryland Virginia
2023 Maybach S580 Chauffeur

Why Choose MySugarExotics

Experience Exotic & Luxury Car Collection By MySugarExotics

Variety of Car Brands

Variety of Car Brands

Car Brands

Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Corvette, Range Rover, Cadillac, Porsche, Tesla & Mustang

Best Rate Guarantee

Best Rate Guarantee

Affordable Rates

We guarantee you always get the lowest price when you reserve an exotic & luxury car through an official Exotic & Luxury Car Rental company booking agency in MD, DC and VA, or we’ll match the lower price.

Awesome Customer Support

Awesome Customer Support

Awesome Customer Support

Customer service always plays the biggest role in our company’s vision of being a sustainable business. Our goal is to provide you with bar none superior service at any cost.

About Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, stands as a symbol of democracy, history, and cultural diversity. Home to iconic landmarks like the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and the Washington Monument, the city’s monumental core reflects its role as the seat of the federal government. Museums along the National Mall, such as the Smithsonian Institution and the National Gallery of Art, showcase a vast array of art, history, and science collections. Beyond politics and museums, D.C. offers vibrant neighborhoods like Georgetown and Adams Morgan, each with its own distinct character and culinary scene. The city hosts numerous events and festivals, fostering a lively atmosphere, while the Potomac River and its waterfront areas provide opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Washington, D.C., serves not only as the political center of the nation but also as a dynamic and multifaceted destination that encapsulates the spirit of the United States.

Landmarks around Washington, D.C.
1. The Majestic Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill stands tall, not just in stature but in significance. Home to the United States Congress, it’s where decisions shape the nation’s destiny. Take a stroll and absorb the democratic spirit that echoes through its halls.

2. Lincoln Memorial: A Tribute in Marble

Behold the Lincoln Memorial, a masterpiece in marble dedicated to the 16th President. As you ascend the steps, you’re met with a breathtaking view of the Reflecting Pool—a poignant tribute to a pivotal moment in history.

3. The Enchanting National Mall

Stretching majestically between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial is the National Mall. It’s not just a lawn; it’s a stage for historic events, protests, and celebrations—a symbolic space where the nation unites.

4. Washington Monument: Piercing the Sky

An obelisk that pierces the sky, the Washington Monument is an enduring symbol. Ascend to its top for panoramic views of DC. Marvel at how this structure, like the nation it represents, stands tall despite challenges.

5. The Reflecting Pool: Tranquility Unveiled

The Reflecting Pool, with the Washington Monument at its end, is more than water and marble. It’s a mirror reflecting the dreams and aspirations of a nation. Stroll along its banks and let tranquility envelop you.

6. Smithsonian Museums: Where Knowledge Resides

Enter a realm where knowledge resides—the Smithsonian Museums. From Air and Space to Natural History, each museum is a treasure trove of learning, catering to the curious minds of all ages.

7. The White House: A Glimpse into History

The residence of the President—the White House—holds tales of diplomacy, decision-making, and history in every brick. While you can’t step inside, the exterior alone speaks volumes about the nation’s leadership.

8. Jefferson Memorial: Serenity by the Tidal Basin

Embrace serenity at the Jefferson Memorial by the Tidal Basin. The classical architecture and the cherry blossoms create an atmosphere that transports you to a contemplative state.

9. The Kennedy Center: Where Arts Flourish

For a cultural retreat, visit the Kennedy Center. It’s not just a venue; it’s a hub where arts flourish. From symphonies to theatrical performances, it embodies the artistic soul of DC.

10. Supreme Court: The Pillar of Justice

The Supreme Court stands as the pillar of justice. Though court sessions may be solemn, the architecture and history surrounding it reflect the enduring commitment to the rule of law.

11. World War II Memorial: Honoring the Brave

Pause at the World War II Memorial, a tribute to the brave souls who sacrificed for freedom. The pillars, each representing a state, create a solemn yet inspiring space for reflection.

12. Library of Congress: A Literary Wonderland

The Library of Congress is a literary wonderland. Lose yourself in its vast collection, from rare manuscripts to timeless classics. It’s a haven for bibliophiles and history enthusiasts alike.

13. Georgetown: The Historic Charm

Venture beyond the National Mall to experience the historic charm of Georgetown. Cobblestone streets, historic homes, and a vibrant atmosphere make it a delightful escape within the city.

14. Arlington National Cemetery: Hallowed Ground

Arlington National Cemetery is hallowed ground, a resting place for heroes. Pay respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and feel the weight of history in this sacred space.

Luxury and Exotic Car Rental FAQs

  • Once you’ve picked out your supercar, you can book instantly using the ‘BOOK NOW’  button for your preferred model.

  • You can pick the start/end times, dates, and delivery/pick-up locations before you pay! You’ll be able to see the total including the refundable deposit immediately. 

  • Contact and billing information is also required to book. Once submitted, the rental amount will be held on your credit card until your reservation is confirmed by our sales team.

  • Once paid, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This booking confirmation for your supercar serves as a guarantee that your desired car has been reserved for your time slot. You have 24 hours to cancel this reservation free of charge.

MySugarExotics does not usually offer hourly car rental rates. Our prices are based on rental periods of 24 hours. We believe that allowing our customers to secure the vehicle for at least a full day guarantees them full enjoyment of their Supercar!

However, we understand that just spending an hour or two behind the wheel of one of our luxury vehicles is not enough. The experience of driving an exotic car is something to enjoy and enjoy. We also understand that traffic or other issues may prevent our customers from meeting the two to three hour return deadline. However, to meet the needs of our customers, we can make arrangements when the rental requirement is strictly for just a few hours. For details please call our customer service.

We offer mile-based delivery and free-rental-location pickup services for your convenience. Whether you need your Lamborghini rental delivered to your home or office, or you want to pick it up from our rental location, we can accommodate your needs. We offer flexible delivery options to ensure that your rental experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

The cost of renting an exotic car in DC depends on the type of vehicle you choose and the length of time you need the vehicle for. Each car brand we offer can have multiple vehicle styles. Each vehicle has a specific rental cost, plus the cost of additional miles on the vehicle. Once free miles are used, a per mile fee will be charged. This varies depending on the make and model.

MySugarExotics offers customers a 24-hour grace period to cancel or change their reservation once it has been made. Thereafter, customers who cancel a reservation more than seven days before the start of the rental period can do so without penalty. 

We understand that sometimes special circumstances arise. We encourage all of our customers who find themselves in a special situation where they may need to change or cancel a reservation to call and speak to one of our representatives to see how we can help you with your car rental needs.


The Ultimate Supercar Rental Agency in DC, MD, VA.

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The Ultimate Supercar Rental Agency in DC, MD, VA.


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